Power Kit




The power kit “Maxteering” could be used for Outboard, Inboard and Stern drive which require easier steering than traditional hydraulic steering.

If the power pack is switched on, the oil with a certain pressure is generated and goes to the ‘P’ port on the Power Helm.
If Steering wheel is rotated in anti-clock wise, oil come out from the ‘L’ port on the Power Helm and goes into the left port on the Seafirst outboard cylinder (Starboard port side).

This cause the outboard cylinder tube move to the Starboard side, which move the boat to left side (port side).

Oil displaced from the opposite end of the outboard cylinder flows back to the Power helm.

For steering in the opposite direction, simply turn the Power helm the other way.



  • Provides instant manual back-up in case of power failure
  • Stainless steel shaft for prevent a corrosion
  • Taper on 3/4“ diameter shaft with 3/16“ straight key
  • Heave duty design for steering wheels up to diameter 24”
  • Hard anodized coating on front cover


  • DC12V, 24V motor
  • Semitransparent 1 litter oil tank for 12V , 2 litter oil tank for DC 24V
  • Suitable for mount on floor
  • Black galvanized motor housing
  • 10meter harness included
  • Waterproof