Since its establishment in 2004, SEAFIRST has been specializing In hydraulic steering in Korea.

Design the safe voyage
SEAFIRST manufactures products while having the priority goal of designing safe hydraulic steering system for a journey of customers.
We put our effort to make the best quality of hydraulic steering in the world. We handle all the different hydraulic steering that can be applied to the engines Such as outboard engine, inboard engine, and stern drive engine of vessels.

Focused on differentiation.
SEAFIRST has focused on grasping customer’s needs in details, accepting feedbacks, and developing products that the customers really want.
As a result, we developed an inventive product that is differentiated from other companies while contributing to satisfying the customer’s needs and changed the Korean market’s reliance on the imported products to domestic products.

Dream about globalization
Demands for hydraulic steering of SEAFIRST is rising in global hydraulic steering market.
You can meet SEAFIRST products in 40 different countries around the world and we do our best to be closer to the customers.

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Hydraulic Steering Inboard
As 2006 was the year of innovation, we have changed our company name to SEAFIRST and began manufacturing hydraulic steering inboard.
We developed helm pump and brass inboard cylinder that will be applied to leisure boats in which the development of helm pump became the driving force that led the growth of the company.
In addition to leisure boat market, we have entered the fishing craft market with our hydraulic power steering inboard where we broke into Asia, Middle East, and South American markets.

Hydraulic Steering Outboard
Since 2008, the hydraulic steering for an outboard engine that reinforces the flaws of cable steering began to get attention as a high-power outboard engine became popular.
SEAFIRST focused on improving the quality of the helm pump and finally developed a new helm pump and a cylinder for outboard (SOC type) that are competitive in a global market. By launching the next generation Maxteering in 2016, we are satisfying diverse customer demands.

Hydraulic Steering Stern Drive
A market demand for a stern drive that possesses both speed and power began to increase since 2010, which led to an increased demand for a hydraulic steering for stern drive that covers the shortcoming of a cable steering.
We have developed the stern drive cylinder (power assist/non power assist) based on the technology of helm pump, thus becoming a sole OEM supplier for company H and having more than 95% shares in the stern drive market.

SEAFIRST pursues the highest quality and the happiest customers. As a hydraulic steering market leader with more than 95% domestic market share, we are preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Smart Factory and striving to modernize the boat industry and become the world No.1.